Mini Pilot MS.505 3.5m - 1:4 scale - formerly Storchschmiede


Mini Pilot MS.505 3.5m - 1:4 scale


We try to have a kit in stock - ready to ship - at all times. Please contact us for a quote, please list the accessories you are interested in at that point.


Accessories available for custom order:

Cockpit Kit

Control stick

Set of two seats

Motormount for either Roto 85 inline or a radial

Alfred Brenzing out of Germany came up with a solution of his own when it comes to fabricating the very intricate Storch fuselage: he made is a composite one-piece which not only grants you utmost strength at very low weight, all it takes as paint as all the scale detail work is already in place, nothing has to be build, detailed or covered. The wings and tailfeathers come as a CNC cut kit, the hardware package is extensive. The cowl and all other fairing parts are made from fiberglas, you see - no kit will get in you in the air quicker.

The new owner, a Mr. Hubert Gebler, has to be one of the most enthusiastic RC nuts I yet had the pleasure to meet. 

With him you can truly say: From enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.


Scale 1 to 4

Wingspan 140.1 inches

Length 97.6 inches

Weight ca. 33lbs+

Engine: 40cc and up


Accessory list:

Cockpit kit

Control Stick

Pair of front and rear seat

Throttle Cluster

Motormount Radial


Download the MS.505 Manual by clicking this link