Barth YMF-5 Waco 3m


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Barth YMF-5 Waco 3m


Scale 1 to 3

Wingspan 118.1 inches

Length 91.3 inches

Weight ca. 38 lbs+

30 page English manual



Cockpit Panel at

Moki S250 with optional Starter

Moki S250-7cylinder

Valach S250


Museum scale flying propellers

Museum scale instrument panels



1:3 Waco 350mm/13.8inch diameter cowl - Moki S215/S250, Valach 250


A superlative model in all ways, fantastic looks. size and flight characteristics. It scored high at several Euro Star Cups, scale competitions in Germany, Europe and the USA . 10th and 4th place in Expert Scale at the TOP GUN event Florida USA 1999  5th at the AMA Nat ’s inExpert Scale 1999  3rd at the Scale Master Championships 1999.

Due to that scoring the Waco was placed on the cover page of several model magazines (French and US). Many scale enthusiasts in the world have bought a Waco kit or are already enjoying to fly such a beauty.You will you be able to agree with the quote of Mike Barbee, who placed third at the US Scale Masters: “A man’s best friend is his….Waco!”

The kit incorporates all necessary parts, all pre-bend or –formed. All ribs and bulkheads are precision CNC cut, fin and stab leading- and trailing edges are laminated by 1mm balsa (light weight, high strength) are in the box. You will find there also all rigging wire and turnbuckles pre-bend and silver soldered piano wire for undercarriage and cabane struts. Glass fibre laminate is used for the engine cowling, the corrugated ailerons, the landing gear covering, wheel pants, head rest, etc.

Anyone with a minimum of build experience can complete this kit.The fuselage is divided along centerline into two halves, a lower and the upper one. The lower bulkhead parts have to be aligned to the longerons which will create the main fuselage structure. There is no need of a mounting jig. Rudder and elevator have ball bearings and can be built removable Its four wing panels are installed to the fuselage by aluminum tubing.

The Barth Waco has been developed with zero compromise regarding aerobatics. It will do loops , turns and you may fly it inverted until your pilot will be able to watch the ants in the grass (but please don’t go any lower than that). Its rolls, to be supported by rudder, will be veryelegant and long. A smoker system will support the elegant approach of your Waco . Its stall behavior is very uneventful, once getting too low it will take down its nose to gain some speed but will stay all time fully steerable.

One has to see its capabilities to believe. Due to its exceptional gliding characteristics you need not get nervous if the engine cuts out. Touch downs with a dead stick will be very easy so that your comrades with their Piper Cubs will be envious. Even if someone wants to tell you that their design and kit is the best scale Waco on the market be careful and compare.

Barth‘s parts are CNC milled. This has the advantage that these parts are really ready for assembly(no laser phases to be sanded for better adhesion). All of the parts are separate, not still held in a ply plate waiting to be cut off and sanded. Leading- and trailing edges of the fin and stab are pre formed laminated balsa strips and ready for assembly. This saves time and adds strength to these parts. The fuselage structure is light weight and straight forward to build. Fuselage is divided at its’ waterline into an upper and a lower part for easy and quick building. Due to its design fuselage main structure will be built within two days.

No other Waco kit is as complete as this one. We do not recommend to buy hinges, source a tail gear, turnbuckles and sor forth - You will find all these parts in the box. Packed in separate bags to support step by step building.  All necessary hard ware as heavy duty  hinges for ailerons, 3mm threaded turnbuckles, rigging wire, horns, welded tail gear assembly with the wheel (an absolutely scale and state of the art product). All these parts have been proved by hundreds of our already flying Wacos.

Our design and the provided parts are absolutely reliable. Our first prototypes built 12 years ago are still in service. Up to now each off  has been flown for more than 600 + flying hours and still going.

Many manufacturers want to tell you that their models are scale: Barth’s is!!!! Think about the already mentioned tail landing gear, the corrugated ailerons, the glass fibre main landing gear cover with its trailing edge riveting, the offset stabilizer halves, ball bearing hinges for the rudder and elevator,  etc.. and of scores that model got on several scale competitions. Last but not least you will get all that at a very low, very competitive price which is second to none. Compare before you decide.

Main wheels are not included, most customers go with 7 inch wheels or slightly smaller.

Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes can be done.