Airworld EDF Cougar F9 F


Airworld has captured the precise shape of the follow-up version of the F9 Panther and created a model thereof in a handy size allowing the installation of a 90mm electric ducted-fan (EDF) setup.  The F9F Cougar has breathtaking speed range.  The model comes with a blue finish.  The air intake ducts are pre-installed and the wing center-section is set up to receive the fan unit.  Actual construction is limited to radio and propulsion installation.  Launching is via bungee (slingshot).

MOKI EDF unit 90mm with integrated MEGA 22/20/2 or MEGA22/20/3 Brushless motor included

Wingspan:     94cm (37 in.)         
Length:     105cm (41.3 in.)         
Weight:     approx. 2.3kg (5 lbs.)