• Chuck Gratner Riley Model B
  • Chuck Gratner Riley Model B

Chuck Gratner Riley Model B


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We showcase the Model B on our site to support our friend Chuck Gratner, we do not sell this kit direct but would rather get you in touch with Chuck.

The Riley Model B is unique and occupies its own category in the world of model airplanes.  The design goals have always been to capture in one airplane all that was beautiful from the Golden Age of Aviation, and do so with dignity, polish and class.   If you fly for pleasure, the Riley Model B will put a smile on your face.  It's smooth and stable, yet responsive and aerobatic, and easy to land.  It has been flown by some of the finest pilots in the world, all of whom have given it thumbs up.


Wing Span:  118"

Weight 36 pounds

Engines:  Moki 180 or Valach 120 Twin


Walk-around video made at the Toledo Show last April.    


Two Riley Model B's in flight at Joe Nall 2019. 



The Riley Model B is a big airplane.  Yet, it will fit comfortably into a standard minivan.  Field setup takes only a couple of minutes.  If you appreciate design integrity, you won't be disappointed.  Highly detailed construction manuals for the Series 13 are now posted on the website.

The kit is divided into five major categories:

  *   Wood parts

  *   Metal parts, including flying wires

  *   Fiberglass parts

  *   Accessories and Hardware

  *   Plans and construction manuals

All wood parts are sawn, drilled, sanded, labeled, and beveled where required.   The wing, tail and fuselage are all built on jigs.  All jigs are included.  Once the fuselage is basically framed up, it is then transferred to a rotisserie which makes completing and painting the fuselage a pleasure.  The complete rotisserie assembly for the fuselage is also included.

The task of installing the 48 nylon hinge bearings has been done for you.  The 3/16" Delrin hinge pins for the ailerons and tail feathers are also included.  The leading edges have been sawn to create the proper curves at the tips.

Every wood part is included in the kit with the exception of the veneer.  The decision regarding the look you want on the fuselage is entirely up to you.  You can't go wrong with either basswood or mahogany.  Basswood veneer is available from National Balsa for about $25.  Mahogany veneer is available from Woodcraft for about $50.  You may want to try something different or not use veneer at all.  The choice is yours.

The 22 aluminum parts are cut, drilled, countersunk, and formed to specifications.  These include all the flying wire brackets and landing gear components.  Each part is deburred, labeled and polished, and ready to install.  The flying wires are accurately sized and machine swaged into custom made stainless steel couplers and ready to install.  The landing gear is complete and ready to install.

The engine motor mount is made from 1/4 inch aluminum plate.  The mounts for the Moki radial or the Valach twin are different, but for each motor they are designed so they bolt-in to F2 without modification.  With either engine, mounts for both the throttle and choke servos are built into the motor mount.  Removing the engine does not require disconnecting the servos from the carburetor.

All of the control horns and switch mounts are custom made from Garolite.  All Garolite parts are included and ready to install.

The cowl, wheel pants, cuffs, windshield frame and headrest are laid up in custom made molds with West System epoxy and two or more layers of 6oz cloth.  I make all the fiberglass parts.  The wheel pants have the axle hard points epoxied in place.  Each part is finished and ready to paint.  As with any fiberglass hand layup, you should expect to find some pin holes.  All parts are structurally sound, finished to size and will fit properly, but you will need to fill, prime and sand before final painting.

The hardware and materials package include everything you will need that is not either Dubro or Sullivan brand.  All hardware is grouped and labeled according to where it is used.

The pilot bust is included.  This is a rotational cast pilot that is custom made for the Riley Model B.

The plans set is comprised of (12) individually plotted sheets, which, if laid end-to-end, would stretch out over 60 feet!  All drawings are full size except for the fuselage, which is reduced to 60%, so it will fit on the plotter paper.  The fuselage drawing is not needed for construction but is useful for reference.  CAD files are not available.

Construction manuals are posted on the website at<>

Obviously, the engine, propeller and fuel pump are not part of the kit.  Nor are the electronics, covering materials and paint.

To complete the model, the builder will need to supply the following parts:

  *   Wheels.  The model is designed for CB Associates 6" main wheels and a Dubro 2" tail wheel.  The 6" wheels are available from B & B Specialties.

  *   Fuel and smoke tanks.  The model is designed for 3W 1,000ml tanks.  They are available from Aircraft International.

  *   Wing tube and wing tube sockets.  These components are available from TnT Landing Gear.  You can also order the wing tube separately from Aircraft Spruce.

  *   Camloc Fasteners are available from Aircraft Spruce or MilSpec Products.

  *   Vinyl graphics can be ordered from Kirby's Kustom Graphics.  He has the Riley logo art and will custom make anything you want.  He's fast, reasonable and does excellent work


  *   You will also need some typical accessory hardware easily found at virtually any hobby shop, including 12 pair of Dubro 302 Rod Ends for the flying wires.

  *   Links to all of these suppliers and part numbers shown in build manuals.