Grumania Su-27 EDF kit

This Su-27 kit has a wingspan of 1000 mm and a length of 1400mm and is based on an older EDF designed model of Harald Huf.It is an all composite kit for two 69mm EDF units like the HET, WEMOTEC or similar.A typical layout is a 2W25 HET motor, 60 Amp controller and 3s Batteries ( 4500 ).With this layout, the Sukhoi is a real thoroughbred with lots of power.Although very fast, its strong point is the slow flying.It does not show up any tendencies to flip over.The model is very easy to control at ANY speed.
The kit is equipped with glass fibre ducts that have a defined stop to hold the fan units in place.The fans are assembled from the rear end and no openings have to be cut in the airframe.

Other features of this fantastic jet are:
-100% scale outline
-scale surface detailing on all parts
-scale canopy and cockpit kit included
-extra glass fiber part for speedbrake ( access hatch)
-life hinged rudders
-detachable wings
-easy RC layout with no ailerons required ( taileron/elevon)
-formers for scale landing gear included
-very strong glass fiber parts - MADE IN GERMANY-
-grey primed surface
-bare kit weight approx.1450 grams



The set price includes:

Scale struts for mains and nose


Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes can be done.