• Moki S250 with starter
  • Moki S250 with starter

Moki S250 with starter


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Moki 250cc 5 cylinder radial gas engine with starter and electronic ignition

Starter controller abvailable at

Make sure to research the recommended accessories at


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The Starter S250 is around 5mm longer than the regular S250

Weight    6300 gram

SEP 2-blade
32x18 for S250 allrounder
32x19 for S250 warbird
33x16 for S250 scale

SEP 3-blade
30x18 for S250

SEP 4-blade
28x18 for S250 warbird momentum (P47 etc)
29x16 for S250 warbird scale (Corsair, AT6 etc)

Get our Jeti Batteries for your Moki ignition as it comes in the correct voltage and with the Moki ignition compatible connector