Toni Clark Sopwith Pup

Toni Clark Sopwith Pup


Scale 1 to 3.3

Wingspan 96.5 inches

Length 72.4 inches

Weight ca.31 lbs+

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ZG38 geardrive

Valach VM85 opposed twin with Starter option

Moki S180


Museum scale flying propellers

This kit was designed and is being manufactured by Toni Clark Practical Scale in Germany, one of the most prestigious companies in the industry. This unusually complete kit contains all ribs, formers and all other shaped Balsa and plywood parts ready notched and sanded.All wood is carefully selected. Spindle moulded landing gear spruce covering, spun aluminum cowl, all wire preformed, the landing gear axle carriers are ready silver soldered together. Nylon covered wire for the rigging and control surfaces, all turnbuckles and shackles.

All parts to make the radio installation easy, there is every nut screw and washer, the hardware pack for the numerous small metal pieces weighs a kilo. The spoked wheels as well as the tank with felt clunk filter and nipples, instruments with mahogany veneered plywood panel,leather for cockpit coaming with miniature eyelets. Epoxy/Glass Vickers MG, all parts for the imitation Le Rhone rotary engine, including copper induction pipes. Rolled plans, instructions, parts lists and the Albatross Publications profile.

The best power unit is without a doubt the ZG 38 and the 2,8:1 reduction gear drive made by Toni Clark. He had a constant dream for many years, this was to fly a model with a scale size prop, especially a model from the Biplane era. This obsession led to their reduction gear, for the ZG 38 You can fit a ZG 62, but of course you do not have the marvelous sound of that scale size 32x18" propeller turning at a mere 2,900 rpm. For such a model this clearly visible propeller at full throttle, the realism is perfect.The firewall can be positioned to suit the length of the engine so that it will fit inside the spun aluminum cowl.

There are 14 meters of plans and every detail is shown. With the extensive building instructions the Pup goes together in a very short time. The construction is similar to that of our Tiger Moths, but has various refinements and a more detailed instruction manual. The fuselage is put together with the aid of a jig to enable you to end with a accurately aligned fuselage. The Ash tailskid is fully working and rubber sprung, the main wheels also use Bungee rubber cord for suspension as the full-size Pup did.

For assembly at the field push the four wing panels onto the dowels, plug in the servos, eight socket screws on the strut ends and she is ready to fly. The assembly is considerably helped by the specially made screw bushes and the ball joint screw driver supplied. The struts are fixed permanently to the landing and flying wires. When transporting the model, the struts are simply fixed to the fuselage with rubber bands. There is no time consuming work undoing turnbuckles or similar.

It took almost five years from the time the first prototype flew until the first kit was delivered.Toni Clark is sure that with their Sopwith Pup, they have produced a kit that is nowhere else to be had in this form. Please check our homepage for details and pictures of the accessories we offer.


Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes can be done.