• Toni Clark Zenoah G45 and G62 Electronic Ignition System
  • Toni Clark Zenoah G45 and G62 Electronic Ignition System
  • Toni Clark Zenoah G45 and G62 Electronic Ignition System

Toni Clark Zenoah G45 and G62 Electronic Ignition System

PCI-HV ignition conversion set with Zenoah rubber plug cap for ZG 45/62

The Falcon PCI-HV 1.3 and PCI-HV 2.3 are microprocessor controlled battery ignition systems, professionally developed to the highest possible standard of quality. These two units are electronically as robust as the legendary Zenoah magneto ignition. If you do not exceed the maximum voltage supply the only possible damage you can possibly experience is mechanical.

A clear advantage with the battery ignition is that the tickover speed is a great deal lower than with a magneto ignition. The engine will start just as easily as with the Easy-Start-System, with the added advantage you do not need to carry the start box and plug it in.

Not including the battery, and comparing the battery ignition engines with the magneto engines with screened ignition cable and Bosch screened plug cap, there is a weight reduction of 220 grams on the ZG 45PCI-HV, the ZG?62PCI-HV and also on the ZG 80PCI-HV twin cylinder.

The conversion set includes special tools and a manual with photos giving step by step instructions. The conversion from magneto to electronic battery ignition is very simple and can be carried out with ease. The sensor is only screwed into place and is automatically adjusted. The same propeller hubs as with the magneto ignition are used.

The PCI-HV ignition contains a very efficient voltage converter, which is capable of using the higher voltage instead of converting it to heat, as in the case of the common linear voltage regulators. With the PCI-HV ignition the rule is: the higher the voltage, the lower the current. Therefor it is best to use a 2s LiPo directly, without an external regulator, the flying time will be the longest.

Beside the 2s LiPo battery, there are quite a few other options for an suitable ignition battery. This can be a two cell A123 or LiFePO4 battery - a very good choice, if you intent to leave the battery in the model when charging.
Also a 5 or 6 cell Sanyo Enerloop 2000 NiMH can be used.

Be warned, that if you go for a 4 cell NiCd or NiMH type, this has to be one with a low internal resistance. When the voltage drops below 4.8 V, especially the boxer engine will start to misfire. This will happen quiet soon, when the batteries internal resistance is high, as it is often the case with NiMH batteries. A 2s LiPo is first choice for best capacity to weight ratio.