• Valach by Fiala

    Fiala has been the company behind the Valach engines for all these yeas, Valach being the trademark and name that was used in the beginning here in the US and the German market. Outside of the USA we have already moved to using the original Fiala name as the mark and we will begin doing the same ... View Post
  • High Point Custom Tools for our 4strokes came in!

    I am happy to add some tools to the lineup that you didn't know you needed. A custom Tune Stick which allows you to no-hassle adjust your needles, a Puller that will pull both your spark plug cap off the plug and the plug out of the cap and a gapping tool for your spark plugs. View Post
  • What a Maiden, congratulations Helmut Müller!!!

    My friend Helmut Müller (on the right) and his team sent me photos of his latest achievement. My mind is blown, wonderful work my friend and please see some mental health specialists.... Zeppelin Staaken 10,60 m (34.75f feet) wingspan and 130 Kg (286 lbs). Size of his balls is undisclosed.   View Post