Schlundt SV4B Stampe


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Schlundt SV4B Stampe

Scale 1 to 2.7

Wingspan 122 inches

Length 98.4 inches

Weight ca. 43 lbs+




Cockpit Panel at

Valach VM120Inline

Zenoah G62 geardrive


Museum scale flying propellers

Museum scale instrument panels


Control sticks


The Stampe SV 4B is a Belgian biplane designed by Jean Stampe and Maurice Vertongen. Jean Stampe flew with the Belgian Flying Corpsduring the First World War, and during this time he met Maurice Vertongen.

This model of the "Stampe SV 4B" is a scale replica of the full-size aircraft and is based on the original construction drawings. Theaccurately CAD-drawn plans are used to manufacture precision-cut parts from selected plywood, which offers both strength and lightweight. An all-up weight between 19,000 and 20,000 g for a model with a wingspan of 3,100 mm results in excellent flying characteristics and a low wing loading.

Tab-lock construction and very detailed step-by-step building instructions with almost 300 colour pictures make building quick and easy Wings and tail unit can be removed for transport.The complete kit contains:Complete set of router-cut wood parts, GRP cowl and GRP oil tank, wing struts, landing gear, 178 mm (7”) wheels, tail wheel assembly (GRP),fuel line for gas engine, aluminum tube, turnbuckles, brace wires, control linkages, windscreen, instrument panel, picture of cockpit instrument layout, set of drawings, tool kit for rigging, pre-fabricated steel cabane struts and complete hardware pack.To get started, you just need adhesives and covering material.