• White Lithium Grease

White Lithium Grease


Permatex White Lithium Grease is an all-purpose white lubricant for metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic applications. This lubricant protects against rust, makes surfaces friction-free and withstands moisture and high heat.

We use it mostly for lubrication of the cam followers as well as the rocker-cup that the top of the pushrod rides in on engines where the valve-train is exposed - Moki comes to mind.

Look at your pushrod.

On the bottom of it it rides in the cam follower. That point of contact could and should be lubricated. Furthermore the cam follower pin itself runs best and friction free when some lubrication is maintained.

On the top it rides in a metal cup, said cup is part of the valve-gap adjustment setup or bolt that comes with your motor. You want to lubricate that point of contact as well.