• Cable Stainless Steel 7x7
  • Cable Stainless Steel 7x7
  • Cable Stainless Steel 7x7

Cable Stainless Steel 7x7


7x7 Stainless Steel Cable

Excellent corrosion resistance, strength, appearance, and versatility make our bright and highly polished stainless steel wire the best long lasting choice for wire applications in model aircraft aviation. Stainless Steel offers many advantages, more noticeably the more sophisticated appearance, higher corrosion resistance, higher flexibility and higher tensile loads than galvanized cable, but lesser known is the fact that stainless steel cannot experience hydrogen embrittlement due to the galvanizing process like galvanized cable can.

All of  our braided cable comes in 7x7, meaning seven woven strands of seven wires each make up the this highly flexible aircraft cable and superior to competing products.



Latest Revision MIL-DTL-83420. Wire Rope , Flexible for Aircraft Oil Free - Dry Condition Control, Type I - Non-Jacketed Wire Rope, Composition B: Corrosion-Resistant Steel. Superseding MIL-W-5424

Specifications:All our three sizes of our stainless steel cable have been physically tested on a Tension load testing machine,you can find the test results below. By considering your plane’s setup, its mass and your flying style (what G-loads will you expose your airplane to) you can decide on which cable size is right for you.


Sold per 10 feet

Most planes at third scale will ask for the 3/64 cable, your quarter scale projects may ask for 1/32, true giants will require the 1/16 setups. Most tail feathers and pull-pull systems will require the 1/32 cable unless you either expect unusual load or need to match scale aesthetics.