Airworld Focke Wulf FW-190A 2.84m 1:3.7 scale, ready for engine and maiden - I can install your S300



Hello all,


Airworld FW-190A

Scale 1:3.7

Wingspan 284 cm

Length 244cm

Weight without engine 37.75 lbs (see photo of scale)

Jei Duplex R14 with satellites

APS Fuel Pump

All Li-Ion Jeti batteries except for the already installed electric retracts

Dual battery for RX



This one I had basically done and ready for maiden when I decided to leave Moki.

As I no longer wished to be affiliated with or reminded of the brand Moki I pulled the already installed Moki S300 and sold it seperately as it was heavily modified and tuned by myself.

Hence, you can drop an S300 straight in or get a Fiala (Valach) S250 and install it requiring minor mods. 

This FW190 has been made speed proof by myself which required modifications of the stock hinge mechanism and adding counter weights where needed. 


This is the only Airworld 1:3.7 FW-190 that you can put through the wringer.


Comes with custom made Revoc bags

You can pick up in person or I can ship, continental US and globally.
You decide whether we use the more economic sturdy corrugated boxes as you know them from buying a new kit or have them professionally wooden created for you.

And I can organize all of shipping for you, as well.

Feel free to reach out at exclusively to discuss the offered airplanes, engines and parts.

I will keep adding more as I get the opportunity, of course.

Please note that this will be a private sale, not through the business and will be sold as-is.

Hope all is well