• APS Smoke Pump PowerSmoke V2 with valve

APS Smoke Pump PowerSmoke V2 with valve


Programmable smoke pump with internal shutoff valve.

This pump requires on open channel on your RX, can then be activated from your transmitter, can be RPM adjusted and mixed to your throttle stick position, when not in use the shutoff valve will keep any smoke oil from reaching your exhaust, hence none of the nasty puff of smoke that you see on lesser systems appear.

High grade toothed wheel pump with metallic gear. he pump can be operated either by receiver current (e.g. by a battery switch / dual power supply) or by a separate battery (e.g. 2S LiPo battery).

The PowerSmoke 740 is the follow-up model of the PowerSmoke 600 with revised electronics and enhanced software features - fully programmable just as the PowerFuel RX is. The smoke-pump comes with an internal valve, eliminating all unwanted trails and puffs of smoke.

Pump incl. clamps, screws, receiver connection cable, programming jumper.