BAHS Corsair XXL 1:4 kit

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This is the very last one I have, that is it.


I attached the photos of the last kit below, it is the bright blue and white kit.

Note: BAHS "left" a prank inside the fuselage for me, let's just say there are two cutouts you would have expected on the wall of an 80s truck stop.....I can either leave them in there "for the laughs" or spray the area over, your call.

You can see the area in the gallery and don't worry, I blurred it out on the photo. ;)



BAHS Corsair XXL 1:4

Makes the CARF look like a dwarf


This is the biggest full-composite Corsair no the market and was designed with the Moki S250 and S300 as well as the Valach Vm250 in mind while making it possible to keep the overall weight below 55 pounds in case of the S250.

Nothing is sturdier, nothing is lighter than the BAHS Corsair. The scale detail is incredible and surpasses the competition and the flying characteristics are astonishing. Once you have seen those Squadrons in Europe flying 4, 5 of these BAHS Corsair at a time you will not settle for less.


Scale 1 to 4

Wingspan 123.1 inches

Length 98 inches

Weight 54 lbs+

Can be kept below 55lbs using the Moki S250


The set price includes:

Corsair kit

Corsair main retract

Corsair tailgear

Giant light wheels


We paid for shipping from Germany to us, customs clearance and bond, it is in STOCK here in NC with us

Shipping Freight to your doors in the lower US states.


These kits are usually never for sale, they are made by a longtime friend of mine for his friends only, you can only pick them up in person at his German location.

I am letting the last kit I have with all retract accessories go, after this I will not be able to get more in as I am no longer able to "simply" drive to his place to pick them up as I was back when I still lived in Germany.

The kit is in our US warehouse, ready to ship. Color will vary, these are for experienced builders only but take very little time to complete if you know what you are doing.

Comes in full composite, it is all there. Formers and Firewall have to be cut, but outlines are available.