Delro Modelltechnik ARF Turner W4X 2.80m


This is a kit, designed and made in Germany by Delro Modelltechnik, brought to custom ARF build stage for you by Delro themselves -  you will not find better craftsmanship, finish and flying characteristics nor lower weight - anywhere.

The Delro team will cater to your custom finish needs, please contact us.

Many of these airplanes they can prepare them for an easy Fiala engine install.

Or maybe you have a special design or build request or would like to get some wingbags as well?

SHIPPING TO THE AIRPORT CLOSEST TO YOU US$695 in most if not all cases! But please contact us BEFORE ordering for an exact quote.

Should you need an International shipping quote, please do the same

We work with Delro Modelltechnik direct and are their USA dealer


Delro Modelltechnik ARF Turner W4X 2.80m


2.80m / 110.25 inches


2.70m / 106.5 inches


Valach VM250 radial, Moki S250, Moki S300, Valach VM210 opposed twin


The Turner is the racing plane of the thirties. 

By combining classic wooden model building with modern composite construction, an extraordinary model has been created by Delro.

The model impresses in connection with a radial engine by the engine sound and the

extraordinary design.

The good-natured flight characteristics of its size make it an eye-catcher on every flight day.

ARF build stage usually and depending in kit includes:

Kit itself

Control surfaces finished

Model measured in and aligned, then all wingtubes installed

All formers installed

Cowl mounting done, fuel tank mount and silencer mount done

Control surface horns prepared, only need to be glued in

Servo frames build and installed

Canopy installed

Painted and scheme

Wings and other surfaces covered

Wheelpants painted,prepared and ready to mount

Decals applied


and more work depending on model selected.


Please contact for details, quotes, ordering and for shipping rates outside the US.

Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes of the bags can be done.