EMHW Challenger II 2.68m


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EMHW Challenger II 2.68m


Scale 1 to 2

Wingspan 105.5 inches

Length 115 inches

Weight ca. 43 lbs+

Cowl dimension WxLxH in mm 460x415




Valach VM170 B2 opposed twin with optional Starter

Valach VM210 B2 opposed twin

Valach VM280 B4


Museum scale flying propellers

Museum scale instrument panel


Most every aviation fan is aware of Sean Tucker and his Challenger Air Show. With his Pitts Special Challenger, Sean really take the spectators' breath away. Now it's your turn to do the same as Sean does, right at your local flying field.. smoke and all.

This is a complete kit which builds incredibly fast due to the CAD designed and CNC milled tab lock system. It comes with all hardware and composite parts as well. The aircraft it is very good-natured and of course highly aerobatic. The aerobatic flying capabilities are only limited by the skills of the pilot.


Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes can be done.