FiberClassics Spitfire with Kolm IL155 - SOLD

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You can check out my FiberClassics, now known as CARF Models whilst this one was still made in Germany, at



This one is setup for performance, safety, speed.
You may already have seen her sister. Julian Mashburn copied mine to the T, you know what she is capable of.

Kolm IL155 LE at 270 degrees, mounted in a carbon cage, perfectly baffled by me for those 100 degree NC summer days.

SEP 26x16 for the ultimate in speed, I tested 7 props against each other to come up with this combo.

Sierra Air Retracts, scale cockpit panel, light scale pilot, all the best in Servos adequate for the speeds that I fly at, still have a
Spectrum AR12120X in it that will stay in it, I sell as is.

APS Fuel pump

DuraLite Batteries

Iso-Versinic Vitton Clunk line, no need to ever replace

All fuel lines and couplers are steel-wire secured

Backup SEP 26-16 prop, predrilled

There are only one airline, three connectors to install the wing.
See photos



Into front of cowl, underneath spinner, basically invisible from most angles and definitely invisible in the air
Into the Carburetor side
Carbs consume COLD air
Rest is being pushed left to right through the motor
then sucked through the firewall (by what you will see)
Then sucked through the reinforced holes top of both wing halves inside the fuselage
Then Sucked OUT of the intercoolers. I installed flaps inside to accelerate the airflow, that effect creates active cooling as soon the the prop swings as these are inside the prop wash.

Hence my Spit always remains cool. You can idle through the whole fuel tank in 100 degrees.

Comes with the transport cradle shown

The airframe has quite a few flights, the engine only around a dozen. Used to run this on a Zenoah G62 on a tuned pipe...those were the days....

You can do pickup here in Chapel Hill, NC
Or I can crate up and ship to you ANYWHERE around the globe.
Contact me for crating and shipping rates.

Ask me anything and I will update this thread for all to see.