Full composite 70mm Schuebeler EDF Salamander

Hello all,


This one is a ROCKET!

Needs bungee for start, will melt your face off.

Comes with 70mm Schuebeler EDF system, only needs Lipos to fly

You can pick up in person or I can ship, continental US and globally.
You decide whether we use the more economic sturdy corrugated boxes as you know them from buying a new kit or have them professionally wooden created for you.

And I can organize all of shipping for you, as well.

Feel free to reach out at info@aeroscale.shop exclusively to discuss the offered airplanes, engines and parts.

I will keep adding more as I get the opportunity, of course.

Please note that this will be a private sale, not through the business and will be sold as-is.

Hope all is well