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JW Albatros DV

Scale 1 to 3

Wingspan 118.1 inches

Length 92.5 inches

Weight ca. 42 lbs+


Valach VM120Inline

Zenoah G62 on Albatros Geardrive

Replica Gun set - ready for paint


Museum scale flying propellers


This is a CAD designed and CNC cut kit. Everything comes together via the tab-lock system, making this build progress quicker and more rewarding than the traditional style of design and construction.

The kit contains precision-cut parts from selected plywood, poplar and birch which fit together perfectly and allow for a short building time.The hardware packs include everything you will need to complete the model, with the exception of covering material and glue.  For transport the elevator sections can be removed. The whole kit can be completed without any soldering involved.

The kit comes with the inline-engine dummy and is a pleasure to fly. This model is a true scale rendition of the original plane, based on the original plans.

This complete kit includes:Complete set of wood parts, landing gear, wheels, fuel tank, inline engine dummy, aileron, elevator and rudder control linkage,prefabricated and matched brace wires, all CNC milled fittings, cut to size and pre-drilled sheet metal, prefabricated cabane- and wing struts, jig for setting up the cabane struts, jig for fuselage construction, pre-cut servo-trays, construction drawings and full-size plans, instrument panel, composite spinner hub and backplate, building instructions and lots of small hardware parts. You just need adhesive and heat shrinkfilm to get started.

Comes with all the very expensive paper- thin plywood already included.


Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes can be done.