Messerschmitt Me163B 1:3.5 2.75m


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Messerschmitt Me163B 1:3.5 2.75m


Scale 1 to 3.5

Wingspan 108.3 inches

Length 64.2 inches

Weight ca. 33 lbs+

Turbine 130 and up, the more thrust the quicker you are in the air



Comes with and already included in total price:

Scale Dolley (US$425)

Steerable Tailwheel (US$115)

Stock exhaust pipe (US$215)

Stock composite fuel cell (US$125)


This full composite kit has been designed and manufactured in Germany. The Composite kit has all the predominant scale details of the original plane.

In order to suit turbines the necessary modifications have been made.

The detachable wings are held by duraluminum tubes, have the scale slats and Flettnetrim Flaps. The lavish surface details give the model the appearance of the original airplane.

The high level of prefabrication makes this a swift build, building experience with composite kits and turbines is of course required.

This airplane takes off of its dolley, no bungee required. Scale as scale can be. 

You will be amazed by the models speed range and nothing flies better than a 163, as any RC enthusiast with 163 stick time will confirm. 


Kit includes all composite parts and duraluminum tubing, all wooden parts for fuselage, composite canopy frame and clear canopy, composite control surfaces and wooden formers.


Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes can be done.