Mitsubishi Zero Full Composite 108 inches wingspan



Hello all,


This one is the last one of its kind in existence.

These were made by a bunch of nutcases in northern Germany

Solo Twin inline (yes, indeed) 110cc

Wingspan (single wing, not split) 146 inches

Length 101 inches

Weight 45.77lbs

Will be a great fit for a radial, of course!!!!



This airplane needs new servos for sure. The servos were state of the art, cutting edge when my father completed this Zero and flew it. These days we have much better product on the market.

Again, it flew just fine on the setup, just sharing my thoughts

You can pick up in person or I can ship, continental US and globally.
You decide whether we use the more economic sturdy corrugated boxes as you know them from buying a new kit or have them professionally wooden created for you.

And I can organize all of shipping for you, as well.

Feel free to reach out at exclusively to discuss the offered airplanes, engines and parts.

I will keep adding more as I get the opportunity, of course.

Please note that this will be a private sale, not through the business and will be sold as-is.

Hope all is well