• Fiala / Valach Drill Guide with tools

Fiala / Valach Drill Guide with tools


Fiala Drill Guide with tools

For all Fiala Drill Patterns - not shown, identical in design and with Fiala/Valach guide holes only

This CAD designed and CNC milled drill guide

These are a unique design and are a step above your usual drill guides, a lot of experience went into these.


He is what you get:

Drill guide

A 5.2mm drill bit

A 5.2mm torsion pin

Here is how it works:

You will notice right away how thin this guide is. That is intended. When we drill we often get bad results due to the pattern drifting when we travel the bit from one hole to the next.

With traditional thick drill guides you will not notice until the damage is done. The hole in this old style guides was so deep that you could not see the prop on the bottom of the guide holes to check and correct alignment between drilling holes.

With the Aeroscale guide you can always see the bottom of the guide, you can always check alignment before you tap the next hole. And it gets better.

- Identify the 6 hole pattern that you want to use on the drill guide and mark the six holes on the drill guide top using a paint marker with a color of your choice. That way you will not accidentally drill through the wrong guide hole.

- Place the drill guide on the back of the propeller, making sure that you use a drill press, making sure that your drill table is 100% level and clear of shavings.

- Use the drills we provided you with. They are a hair oversized for a reason. Wood is organic and wills seize back up after you drilled. And it tends to swell and shrink with humidity changes.

- Now TAP the first hole and drill it like "Woody Woodpecker". Do NOT go through in one shot, eat away at the hole in short strokes, list the drill completely out of the hole between strokes to get rid of wood shavings. You will most likely end up tapping/pecking/hammering at it 8 to 12 times until the drill made its way all the way through the prop.

- Now that the first hole is done you want to Insert the pin in your 1st hole to "lock the drill guide down".

- Tap the next 5 hole, checking alignment every time

- Now flip the prop over, get rid of all shavings and repeat the process to clean up all 6 hole from the front. There should be nothing to clean up, we are doing this "just in case".

- Now comes the most important 2 steps. Flip the prop again so that the back is facing you. Let the drill run and grab the prop with both hands. Stand up and pump the running drill through all 6 holes. You will find that more and more tiny shavings will rain down until the 6 holes have almost no friction and feel clean.

- Now allow the prop to slightly "wobble" whilst you pump and and down. You want to create a very small "hourglass" cross section of your drill hole. If you can imagine you will end up with two slightly opened up entry holes on top and bottom whilst the center of the hole remains pretty close to its original diameter.

Your prop should now fit perfectly first try and will never "cease" due to humidity to where you can no longer install it when needed.