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Moki Teflon Rings

Moki Teflon Rings

12mm inner diameter

14mm inner diameter


But my exhaust nuts always loosen.....


They exclusively loosen for those who tighten them.

Hence, just don’t mess with them.

Quick explanation :


The Teflon rings will be tightened at the factory, in COLD state, by tightening the overthrow nuts. Each ring is now under pre-load. Imagine placing a Teflon ring in a vice and tightening it.

You now run the engine/heat up the Teflon. It will get soft and settle under the preload. As in a vice, if you would torch the Teflon the now soft would - due to the preload - move and then settle.

THAT is what creates the seal! It was like wax flowing into gaps.

If you now tighten the "vice" again you now destroy the perfect seal. Not only that, but you are quickly running out of usable Teflon as you preload for a second time, heat up and everything gives way for a second time. Only that as teflon already squeezed out the first time you now had less teflon left to work with. Leading to poor results.

These rings are consumables, one time use only. If you tighten them a second time you ruin them. Hope this helps.


Those who say "but the overthrow nut was loose..." 

OF COURSE IT WAS!!! 😊 That is its job 😊 Preload the teflon rings, the heat will then make them settle and create perfect seals - during that process the preload of the overthrow nuts will of course dissipate.  Everything happened as intended by the designer.

Only once you tighten it all up again is it compromised.


Hence, the Teflon nuts WILL settle and appear “lose” if you grab them, but they are indeed seated. Once you start “tightening” the setup is ruined, you need new teflon rings.

The crush rings on the cylinder (under the nuts) will never come lose, UNLESS you tightened the Teflon, those then those became lose, the rattling that now starts will loosen – due to vibration – the nuts on the cylinder and WILL eventually break all 5 exhaust bends, be careful.