Siegel Modellbau North American T-28 Trojan


This is a full composite kit, designed and made in Germany by Siegel Modellbau-  you will not find a finer kit.



SHIPPING TO THE AIRPORT CLOSEST TO YOU US$695 in most if not all cases!

We work with Siegel Modellbau direct and are their USA dealer


Contact us for a custom quote, please present us your ZIP for a shipping quote.


Scale : 1:4.5

Wingspann : 108.25inches or 275cm

Weight: 44lbs+

Engine: Moki S250, Valach VM250


All control surfaces are already installed, all that is left to do is adding the control horns. Except for the speedbrake, for which hinges are included.

All formers, other than the fuel tank mount, are already installed as well. Next up are the servo mounts, those are already done as well.

You can pull the kit out of the shipping box and start assembly. Small parts packages as well as linkages are included as well, and finally – the Moki motor mount comes with the kit

3Part wing: you can simply pull the outer wings and leave the gear down. Making for easy transport and setup, you do not need a second set of hands.

All control surfaces including flaps, speedbrake a geardoors via servos.

Electric landing gear with electric brakes is available.


Landing gear specs:


Mechanics, Struts, wheels and brakes included. The brakes are servo driven disc brakes. Programmable, end point switches preinstalled, overdriving the system is impossible. Sequencer for the geardoors is included.


We can assist with many scale parts such as museum scale cockpit panel, museum scale pilot, scale prop etc.


You will find the very best in scale detail and design in this kit and its accessories, the kit includes

All needed full-composite parts, all vacuum formed parts, all wooden parts



Kit and both styles of landing gear are available as of now. We are working on the full and complete cockpit, but this will materialize later in the year. In the meantime we can assist with museum scale cockpit panels and pilots to get you started.




Please contact for details, quotes, ordering and for shipping rates outside the US.

Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes of the bags can be done.