Schlundt Klemm L25d


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Schlundt Klemm L25d


Scale 1 to 3

Wingspan 170.5 inches

Length 98.4 inches

Weight ca. 32 lbs+




Cockpit Panel at

Valach VM60S with Starter option

Valach VM70S with Starter option


Museum scale flying propellers

Museum scale instrument panels


Control sticks


Klemm L.25, later Klemm Kl 25 was a successful German low-winged, cantilevered, light leisure and training aircraft, developed in 1928.More than 600 aircraft were built, and manufacturing licenses were sold to the United Kingdom and the United States. The aircraft was developed by Hans Klemm who used his previous design, the Klemm Kl 20, as a starting point.

About thirty different versions of theKl 25 were made, and these were equipped with engines ranging from 32 kW to 70 kW. The fuselage was covered with plywood. Depending on the model, the aircraft's weight was 620 to 720 kilograms, and it had a 10.5 m to 13 m wingspan. Take-off was achieved atonly 50 km/h and the maximum speed was between 150 and 160 km/h. In relation to similar aircraft of the time, assembly was very easy,and this made it a very popular aircraft. According to the sales brochures, only 25% of the engine's power was needed to keep the aircraft flying, compared to similar-type biplanes which required 50% engine power.

This kit of the German Klemm L 25d is a scale replica of the full-size aircraft and is based on the original construction drawings. Accurately CAD-drawn plans are used to manufacture router-cut parts from selected plywood, which offers both strength and light weight.An all-up weight 14.5 kg (32 lbs) for a model with a wingspan of 4.33 m (170.5”) results in excellent flying characteristics and a low wing loading.

Scale-like flying and basic aerobatics like loopings, turns, rolls etc. are possible with power from a Zenoah G 38 or equivalent. Aerotow is possible with gliders up to a wing span of 3 m (118.1”) with engines like the Zenoah G 38. Stronger engines will be required for larger gliders. Tab-lock construction and very detailed step-by-step building instructions with 170 colour pictures make building quick and easy. Wings and tail unit can be removed for transport.

The complete kit contains:Complete set of router-cut wood parts, GRP cowl, landing gear, 178 mm (7”) wheels, tail wheel assembly (GRP), fuel tank, set of construction drawings and full-size plans, windscreen, instrument panel and complete hardware pack.To get started, you just need adhesives and covering material. All the required and expensive paper-thin plywood is already included.


Custom made fabric wingbags of the finest quality are available. Even custom schemes can be done.