Tomahawk Quantum/Mono Biplane/LowWing Jet combo - 2 Jets in 1! With IQH180+



Hello all,

This is Götz Vogelsang aka Dr.G, owner of Vogelsang Aeroscale, writing.
My father passed 9 years ago and left me with his world-renowned collection.

All of these airplanes have flown unless stated otherwise.

You can pick up in person or I can ship, contintental US and globally.
You decide whether we use the more economic sturdy corrugated boxes as you know them from buying a new kit or have them professionally wooden created for you.

I know the background to all these airplanes, their origin, life story and often historic importance.

Feel free to reach out at exclusively to discuss the offered airplanes, engines and parts.

I will keep adding more as I get the opportunity, of course.

Hope all is well


The Mono / Quantum (Biplane) combination is absolutely nuts, it really is.

The Mono is the best Monowing platform I have come across, just check out the videos, then within minutes turn it into the only Pitts S1 with a turbine out there.

The Quantum setup will allow for unseen cross-mixes that turn this jet from a 200mph monster into something you can twist and throw around on a dime. TONS OF FUN!

And absolutely unique.


Hence, what I am selling here are

1 Fuselage with Hammer IQH180+

1 Set of Elevators

and now it gets funny...

2 Different canopies, a onepiece for the Mono, a two piece with cabane for the Bipe

2 different rudders with servo

2 Wings with servos and Tomahawk landing gear installed for the Monowing

4 Wings with servos and another set of Tomahawk landing gear installed plus struts for the Biplane/Quantum

2 Sets of wingtubes

All hardware needed and stuff I came up with

A total of 7 wingbags (!!LOL!!!)

Jeti receiver

Length 94 inches

Mono span 91 inches

Bipe Span 79 inches


Sidenote: MY Bipe flies fantastic as I made the aerodynamic modification at the incidence that Tomahawk was to dumb to make upfront and to cheap to consider due to costs once I shared them.

There is unfortunately no video of me ripping my Bipe, you unfortunately haven to take my word for it.  All there is online is ONE video of Tomahawks miserable stock setup.



You can do pickup here in Chapel Hill, NC
Or I can crate up and ship to you ANYWHERE around the globe.
Contact me for crating and shipping rates.

Or we can use highest strength cardboard boxes as well to keep rates down.

Ask me anything and I will update this thread for all to see.