Valach by Fiala VM 120 B2-4T

Fiala, the manufacturers of the Valach engines, are a company that caters to the military; hence this is military grade equipment under constant development, it is and always will the most advanced engine manufacturer on the market.

At the moment we carry over 20 different models of Fiala engines.

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Valach by Fiala 120cc opposed twin cylinder gas 4stroke engine with electronic ignition


    Displacement: 120 cc

    Bore: 47 mm
    Stroke: 35 mm
    Width including valve covers:  310 mm
    Length from engine mount to prop hub:  185 mm
    Engine weight: 3750 g
    including ignition:  3930 g
    Ignition voltage range:  4,8 - 9 V

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Fiala is the only 4-stroke company in the world which produces both the engines and the propellers developed and designed to be used with them. They go hand in hand.

The Fiala propellers have quickly become a staple in the global UAV industry as no other propeller matches their efficiency.

Hence it is important to run the Fiala propellers with the Fiala engines should you want to run the diameters and pitches shown in the Fiala manual. These specifications are based only, and I cannot stress that enough, on their purpose designed and built Fiala propellers.

Other brands run the risk of over torquing and stressing the engine unnecessarily, limiting performance and service life.

Recommended props:

28 x 14 Fiala 2blade

30 x 12 Fiala 2blade