• Valach VM 85 B2-4T
  • Valach VM 85 B2-4T
  • Valach VM 85 B2-4T
  • Valach VM 85 B2-4T
  • Valach VM 85 B2-4T
  • Valach VM 85 B2-4T
  • Valach VM 85 B2-4T

Valach VM 85 B2-4T


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Valach 85cc opposed twin cylinder gas 4stroke engine with electronic ignition

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    Sensational smooth running and high torque
    Spontaneous throttle response and smooth mid-range transition
    Extremely low vibration throughout the RPM range because of the four stroke principle
    Nickel-Silicon plated cylinder surfaces
    Honda Valves
    Walbro Carburetor
    Valach microprocessor controlled ignition with auto advance and retard
    An ignition integrated voltage converter allows the use of two LiPo cells
    VM-Motors are designed using the latest tools and techniques


    Displacement: 85 cc
    Bore: 42 mm
    Stroke: 32 mm
    Width including valve covers:  280 mm
    Length from engine mount to prop hub:  150,5 mm
    Engine weight: 2940 g
    including ignition:  3120 g
    Ignition voltage range:  4,8 - 9 V
    Propeller:   Fiala Prop 2-blade, 26x12", 26x14", 27x10"

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 Due to customer request allow me to share with you some essentials that I personally recommend purchasing with your Valach engine.

Valach, just like 3W, Desert Aircraft and many other leading manufacturers of engines, do not supply an exhaust solution. Hence I recommend that you order one with your motor, to be found under Valach Exhaust Solutions on this site.

4-stroke gas engines do run on pre-mix oil lubrication. Said oil will be expelled through a drain on the back plate of the motor. Should you want to avoid a dirty airframe I recommend getting our oil catch system, to be found under accessories.

Furthermore I recommend getting the feeler gauge blade set, an ignition battery from us (we have two technologies available) and our external APS fuel pump for those who want the added safety of redundancy.


And last, a very important pointer: Valach motors were designed with Fiala props in mind. Should you want to run the  shown pitch and diameter recommendations you WILL need to run a Fiala prop. Should you want to run props of a different brand you will most likely have to drop 2 in pitch due to Fiala's unique airfoil choice. Other brands plain run at a higher drag rate.






Capacity    85cc
Bore    42 mm
Stroke    35 mm
Height from prop shaft or diameter on radial and twin    11 inches
Length mount to hub    5.9 inches
Weight    3120 gram, Starter 3540
Fiala range 2 blade    26*12 - 27*14

Very convenient to have as the Valach does not come with preinstalled throttle and choke horn: