Aeroscale is the new ROTOmotor dealer in the USA

We are proud and happy to announce ROTOmotor as the new addition to our lineup.

We will not only stock their line of 4stroke line of their wonderful engines, we will stock the parts, accessories and will of course service the engines here in the USA as you are by now used to and expecting from the Vogelsang Aeroscale team.

Coming in shortly are

35 FS, an inexpensive CAD designed and CNC milled single cylinder 4-stroke

85 FSI, a powerful 2 cylinder inline

130 FSI, a true powerhouse, 3 cylinders inline for that 4stroke "warbird sound" that we all love at a pricepoint that you will not believe

170 FS, a 4 cylinder opposed twin with fast spool and high torque at an incredibly low price

We are very excited about welcoming ROTOmotor to the family, a Roto 85 FSI 2 cylinder inline 4stroke has already found its way into a P40 of mine, a twin engine warbird will possibly follow soon and both airplanes will be flown at events next year.

More news to come!

The engines will be in stock before the end of the year.