Custom made Fiala Scale Warbird Propellers just came in!

These are not just propellers that the manufacturer gave the scale aesthetics, these are purebred performance propellers of the highest efficiency.

Each one of these that I have in stock I custom ordered, these are CNC cut and balanced to maximize the performance and long-term reliability of the Fiala engines as these highly efficient props lead to a very low load on the engine to create the expected performance.

These are airfoils of the highest efficiency in the field, so efficient that they quickly became a staple in the UAV military field of application. No other brand has made such an impact.

Each Fiala propeller is CNC machined in the Czech Republic from locally sourced, sustainable Beech wood. Every one of these fine propellers begin as a carefully selected wood blank which is allowed to stabilize for over a month after being kiln dried to a specific moisture content. This lengthy process assures that you will always receive a consistent and precise propeller.

No matter which color or style you choose, every Fiala propeller is finished using a three-step urethane coating for durability and fuel resistance.

All Fiala propellers receive a final balance check after the finish has been applied hence they are ready to go right away.

These are low lift/ highly efficient props, a must have should you want to run the size/pitch that Fiala recommend in their Fiala/ Valach engine manual.