Digital Ignition Switch for Remote Operation now in stock!

The Digital Ignition Switch for Remote Operation Rainbow Tronic DZS_2, made in Germany, is an electronic switch mainly used for radio controlled systems to switch ON/OFF electronic ignition systems.

Available in two styles, with the Futaba/JR style connector or the MPX connector as found on the Moki ignition, for example. Please pick the right style for your application.

For sure DZS_2 can also be used to switch other loads.

DZS_2 is controlled via a free channel, e.g. a switch in the transmitter system. Is the threshold reached DZS_2 becomes active and the load (e.g. ignition system) will be powered up.

DZS_2 is optical isolated from the receiver. Due to this interference is eliminated. The status of DZS_2 is indicated via an ultra-bright LED.


Receiver power supply  4,8V – 8,4V

Current consumption < 1 mA

Switching threshold ca. 50% of servo range

Max. switching load 20V / 10A, temporary 16A Max. voltage drop Ca. 150 mV