Hello everyone,

Götz Vogelsang aka Dr.G writing, Vogelsang Aeroscale.

The current situation cannot be understood without a little history first.

First of all, Airworld have NO dealers here in the US, setup and supported by them like let's say Gerhard at Aircraft International /3W is setup and supported by 3W.

All of us Moki sellers were and are independent resellers. Some of us are experts in Mokis, some are not. Some stock parts, others don't. Some service, others don't. In Germany Moki prefer to sell direct, most other countries have independent guys like myself buying from them.

I started carrying Moki at a time when I was one of many selling these engines over here.

We all remember RC Showcase.
They sold them under the name RCS at the time, I picked Airworld engines as a name for these engines. Still have the emblems on a drawer here in the shop.

When RCS folded Troy took over and sold them, again, under the name RCS.

Why these names?

Because Mr Girard had owned the trademark "Moki" here in the US since 1993.

When Mr. Girard retired I made him an offer he could not refuse in 2010 and purchased the Trademark from him, which therefore I now hold exclusively. Hence I have the luxury of calling myself Moki and use the name in marketing, packaging and so forth exclusively.

Getting back to RCS and myself, they serviced and assisted their customers, I serviced and assisted mine.

Once Troy Built went out of business I wanted to help everyone in the US.

I offered to Airworld that if they grant me exclusivity from here on out, that I would assist all Moki owners. Period. They told me, orally, the go ahead.

At that point it became so much service work that I started training people like Bob, then Julian, now Doug, to assist me.

That is when I became the only guy world wide who stocked Moki parts and made them available to the public. I assisted anyone over the phone, shared and learned along the way. And and and.

Now I had to find out about what everybody seemed to know but me, it seems like I am the last to know.

CARF sold these engines here in the US for all these years. Which is their right to do, I have no contract with Airworld.

Hence we are back to where we once were before Moki promise me "the agreement".

As Moki decided to NOT have anyone exclusive we are back to where we once were before Troy Built folded.

I am assisting my dear customers, CARF theirs.

But you raise THE question and I 100% agree :
Moki need to find a solution for their old customers who now are left without representation.

I thought we had a great solution for all of the Moki owners, it is a shame that it didn't work out as I hoped.

Nothing changes for my customers, we will continue to offer our stellar support to you, promised.

Keep them flying!