Rainbow-Tronic Moki Radial Complete Ignition Set are now PLUG AND PLAY


Rainbow-Tronic Moki Plug and Play Ignition

All system are now plug and play, simply remove the Moki sensor cable, install the Rainbow System and you are ready to go. No soldering, no opening of compartments.


Should your Moki still be under warranty changing the stock ignition to an aftermarket ignition WILL void the Moki warranty.

The Rainbow System, made in Germany and not China, is the only after market one that a) WAS DESIGNED for the Moki exclusively and actually brings a much stronger spark and other features and is the only one that us here at Aeroscale deem absolutely safe to operate.


We know of at least one case of catastrophic failure of a Moki on a made in China aftermarket ignition system. Said failure occurred at 2000 RPM and was absolutely 100% Chinese aftermarket ignition related catastrophic failure, hence be cautious.

A deal is not always the deal you are looking for.


Rainbow-Tronic ignition systems fire several spark in quick sequence at start-up.
Once the motor enters idle this ignition will employ the multi-spark mode once again to ensure a smooth idle on all cylinders. The coils sit external, this setup completely replaces the Moki system, from sensor cable to ignition to coils to leads to spark plug caps.

Since the sensor cable takes its impulse from the crank it does fire an extra spark per exhaust cycle but leads to the spark plugs running cleaner (especially the ones on the bottom) as they continuously get zapped.

When the motor revs at 6000 rpm we are looking at 30.000 sparks per minute. Even at full throttle you have the same strong spark as on idle, an industry first.

Furthermore Rainbow-tronic feature rpm limiters (important for those on adjustable pitch props), status LED and battery monitor function and fail-safe timeout.

3s Li-Po, Li-Ion or Li-Fe required

Replaces the sensor cable, coils, ignition, spark plug leads and
Spark plug caps
Plug and Play

Please note that the Moki engines run absolutely perfect out of the box. Should you have any trouble, please contact us first as in most if not all cases we are able to assist over the phone. Often there are only small changes to the setup that the customer has to make to dial his Moki in just right. These engines have been made in the thousands, your are NOT part of a test team, you do not have to “upgrade” the motor. These Rainbow Tronic ignition sets are really for those who like the added features, may have to replace the ignition box or want an easy fix for coil problems.