Valach VM 250 Radial now in stock, the DELUXE radial of its class

We just got the first ones in and they are already almost sold out. More are on order and should arrive shortly.

These are the deluxe solution  to your radial needs, the complete motor is CNC milled.

Two of these radials are about to be installed in Vogelsand Aeroscale team airplanes shortly, in a SIST FW190 quarter scale and a BFW M35 (Messerschmitt Design).

Valach have addressed all of the bucket list items. This motor has been designed from the ground up for fuel pump usage, a fuel pump is included (US$250 value).

The valve train is enclosed, the exhaust ring stainless steel which allows those of us who want to make custom exhaust solution (scale exhaust port location for our scale builds) much easier to achieve, soldering steel is easy.

The smart ignition will monitor your RPM at startup, you simply can not start the motor at full RPM by mistake.

The large motor mount allows for easy install using standoffs - or direct mount to your firewall.

Comes with replacement parts - 5 valve cover gaskets, 2 adjustment bolts, 1 cam follower)

Comes with tools

Comes with two metal Valach Logo plates

Original Walbro carburetor